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Monday, January 8, 2007

War children

"Battlefields were once the domain of warriors whose almost universal code of conduct was to protect civilians, especially women and children".

A quote i've read once online, which leads to a question! has the old normal rules been changed? or it's just us who live in an abnormal world where everything is reversed nowadays?

Yugoslavia, Peru, Mozambique, Bosnia, Palastine, Nigeria and loads of of other countries suffered from children death in wars ... what about children soldiers? well !! Africa is full of them .. Uganda, Sierra Leone, Kashmir are just examples of children deployment in wars. Teen-agers holding machine guns !! little children leaving schools for wars? and the thing is that most of these wars are civil wars or for drug dealing not for protecting homes or defending honor !!

A FACT: Some 10 million of the world's children suffer psychological trauma as a result of war experiences... WOOH!! thats pretty much.

Children playing in a field or collecting firewood come upon small but insidious scraps of a recent or long-past war. With a click, then a blast, their lives are lost? they're lucky, just one or two limbs. Some 110 million land mines threaten children in more than 70 countries with this very same scenario.

So !! what can we do? in the time being, there is nothing i think we can do except praying for them and their families, praying for the people, who think it's normal to have a child killed or "promoted" to a soldier, that they get the guidness for the right path ... we just live in our secured surroundings and these children die out there,, just feel them and start praying. Hope we cud do smthn effective soon...

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