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Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Army Note

It doesn't really matter who left first or to whom we were left last, we were split to parts in a matter of no time. The longer we stay together, the harder it gets, its unbearable t see one more brother leaving in his green suite. It is such a strange feeling, colliding emotions and Incomprehensible mood of sadness and happiness in a very contradicting manner.God knows how happy we feel for whoever gets to leave, worried about him from the unknown, the unexpected. God knows how miserable we can be for being taken away from these who we love, who we had fought with, eaten with, slept and suffered with.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Greenhouse Denial

The Global Warming issue is becoming more irritating by time. I've posted a blog article about "Global Warming" some time ago, and I was hoping that I was wrong about my doubts and fears. This could be simply considered as "Global Warming ii" article.

Earth is getting older and people just don't seem to care about slowing that procedure down. Many people not only do nothing about it, but also live in denial of the greenhouse effect on earth.

This blog post neither explains scientific facts nor shows any statistics about global warming, but the main purpose is to try to find a way to assure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

The solution to the greenhouse denial is not known for me, but what should be done, in my opinion, is that people should wake up and start caring. Caring is not that hard, it doesn't need any kind of changing one's lifestyle; it is simply done by reducing the amount of excessive use of whatsoever increases the greenhouse effect.

A fact: Within the past century, the length of the heat wave in Europe has doubled and thir frequency nearly tripled.

I do not like to know how life is going to be, if there would be any, a century ahead.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Egyptian Mentality

Egyptians, the people who suffer alot and do nothing about it. Egptians, the kindest souls of all times. Egyptians, who just agree on what goes on whether it is for their sake or not.
If you ask an Egyptian about his life, the typical answer would be that it is going OK but not in the way he imagined and he would also say that he is happy and satisfied with his life. People just accept the life they get and they don't try to work to achieve something useful for them and their community ("mastoora w al 7amdu lellah"). What makes me pretty sad is when higher educated people think like that.. an Engineer salary may reach 300 egyptian l.e. per month, which is worth 30 british l.e. WOW!! engineers accept it, they live with it, they make families, they live and eat, then their time comes and die!!!!!.. (mastoora wal 7amdu lellah)
It is a good thing to accept your fate, but only if you try hard to be useful to people around too. This would guarentee a good life to your children and the coming generations. BE CREATIVE, achieve your goals and don't just drop it, use your youth time before it is too late to do something.
Life won't change unless we start with ourselves.Don't just sit lazily wondering when things will be prosper again, do something about it.
Do you Like the Egyptian situation?! NO?
Do you want to have a better life?! YES?
Do you want to guarentee a better life for your kids?! YES?
Do you think we are capable of making a change? Do you think we have the resources for it? .. please DONT say no, because we do.
So, we have the ability to change, we have the mentality to change, we have the education to change.. DO SOMETHING, BE CREAIVE..

Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Taste in Music:

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90's Pop: Medium Influence

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They Almost Conquered the World

A country which once was the world's greatest empire. A country which had no mercy while expanding its empire. A country with a freezing cold winter and a very tough wild nature. Located at central Asia (sometimes considered as east Asian as well) with a very rough geographical nature, there lies Mongolia.

History didn't record much about that country until 200 years Before Christ; it is said that the first known inhabitants of Mongolia were the Donghu, who were defeated by the Xiongnu, who dominated a great part of the land causing a great threat to China. The great wall of China was originally built, deffencively, to stop the Xinogu attacks within 3 centuries, and they actually succeeded to defeat the Xingu in the 5th century. Xingus then migrated to different parts on mobgolia with shame, giving Göktürks the chance of domination for some centuries. (b happy i didn't mention all the other names, xinogo is the least weird name i've seen in mongolia's history).

In the late 12th century, Timujin (known as Genghis Khan) united the Mongols with the different tribes in Mongolia and simply decided to conquer the known world at their time; this unity shows Khan's prospective vision and also his domination power on his people.

The Mongols conquered Asia, nearly completely, in Genghis Khan's time and those conquers were not to be stopped after his death if it wasn't for the islamic nation's power at Egypt and Turkey. The Empire was then divided into 4 different empires which were dominant for about a century of time until they were defeated by the Mings.

In the seventeenth century, Mongolia was ruled under the Chinese empire and didn't gain its independance until the early days of the 20th century, which they still celebrate till our recent days. They still have their original traditional sport like horseback riding, archery and mongolian wretling, which describes their wild nature and shows pride of their culture.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Footprint-history Country

Nicaragua, a country with a history starting with just a footprint. Footprints that are 10,000 years old belonging to the people of the Acahualinca, Nicaragua's native inhabitants, were preserved under volcanic ash for years .

A Caribbean country with some stunning landscapes, colorful nature and an incredible treasureful culture. With a vague mysterious history, in central America with Costa Rica and Honduras as neighbours, combining between native and modern cultures, shows nature's true beauty combined with human decorations.
Back to the footprints, what happened? were there people living there? or was it just someone passing by? Just Kidding... May be they died in some volcanic erection, who knows!

The known dated Nicaraguan history started in the 10th century when the natives in Mexico migrated to that beautiful area on earth, but the "real" history started with Christopher Columbus' discovery to it in 1502। Then, it all started and i don't need to tell how the Europeans started building colonies and how the Spanish became the main language. I don't need to tell how the native Acahualincas were treated or what happened to their villages.

There are a lot of stuff to be told about the nature of that amazing country. The rainforest with its wild life, the different kinds of birds and animals, the mountains and still-steaming volcanoes, the islands.. Nicaragua is also known for having the only fresh-water sharks।

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua which is relatively crowded and regularly hit by earthquakes. However, there is a lot to do around the cities, besides site seeing. The christian and Spanish cultures have a great impact on a lot of places in the cities represented in Churches, Cathedrals and Spanish-style buildings.

To know more about Nicaragua, visit their official website at :

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Humanity and Cultures

Ever thought of learning about other cultures? Ever wondered how our brothers in humanity live and what their history is like !!
Ever wondered how people could be so different and, contradictally, very similar?
It is a bit ironic how time and distance could make people live so different. Different geographic environments makes people think and act differently and also helps humans to make different inventions according to their needs.
Nobody knows how it really was in the early days of humanity and what the people were really capable of. Nobody knows how our ancient ancestors were that brilliant in all fields of science. It is really fascinating how the ancient Egyptians were brilliant in trigonometry, chemistry and astrology, it is really questionable how the Chinese know that much about the human body, it is fascinating how each culture has a way to amaze us and makes us stand shocked to the fact that our knowledge is just too little. There are a lot of other cultures full of wonders and there are even signs pointing to unknown cultures that may have vanished or merged with others.
What's really amazing is that all of the cultures on earth are connected in a way or another; nobody really knows how the bouds exits, but they do.
Anyway, I'm going to try writing about other countries soon, and i hope this will help us to know more about our human "siblings" ;).

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is it a disease?

Isn't it a bit weird how most of our youths, these days, intend to ignore the fact that the country is falling apart?

Talk to a young man in Egypt and you will find wonders; you would find out, from his talking, that he is bored, with no "real" goal unless he gets out of this beautiful country। Isn't it funny how people think that opportunities outside Egypt are much more and even better than the ones available over here? Well!! opportunities are always available everywhere, but no other country would guarantee any for a foreigner, unless he is brilliant in doing something which is needed by that country. WELL !! IF you are this brilliant, how can't you find yourself in your own country? and if you are not that brilliant, how do you expect to succeed somewhere else?

Did you know that 70% of the youth get high, in a way or another?

Did you know that more than 60% of those people are just doing it because they think that they have nothing to do?

Let's not talk about something else beside "being high" because it's going to get ugly.

It is just one more issue that we need to look into and try to do something about.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

Global Warming

Some days ago, I turned on the TV and there was Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar on a video conference with Al-Jazeera channel. The only thing that was brought to my attention is how afflicted he was and later i realized why he had been this sad, worried and somewhat desperate. It is enough to listen to his last sentence to understand.
The sentence is nearly translated to: "people should start considering walking, riding bicycles or even animals"
This amazing, blessed, modern muslim geologist is talking about riding animals and he hasn't lost his mind yet, if that's what you are thinking of. He is simply concerned about the pollution and the increase in global warming these days. When he was asked about the global warming and the greenhouse effect and if there are any indications of an incoming disaster, he stated that we should expect a disaster in a 10-years period of time and even the end of the world within this century.
THE END OF THE WORLD!! .. Yes, it is this serious. I won't write about the effect of global warming or how it is happening; I wont even talk about the Ozone, because we all know about it, and we notice those changes one year after another. There is one more thing I need to mention; Dr. Zaghloul didn't do a research and come up with those words; scientists allover the world have been concerned about this problem for some time and they realized the danger of pollution some years ago.

  1. A leading New Zealand scientist warned in january 2004 that global warming would make large areas of the world uninhabitable by the end of the century unless the international community co-operated to solve the problem.
  2. January 2005, 200 of the world's leading climate scientists - meeting at Tony Blair's request at the Met Office's new headquarters at Exeter - issued the most urgent warning to date that dangerous climate change is taking place, and that time is running out.
  3. Antarctic scientists have found the first direct evidence linking the collapse of an ice shelf the size of Luxemburg in Antarctica to global warming.

So, what are we going to do about that? I don't really know, but I am positive that people won't take an action to change this; I know it because of my experience in trying to change something. I was trying to reduce my usage of car by riding the bike to near places or even running and found out it is impossible in a city like cairo to do so. Why impossible? it's not the topic of this blog ;) .. Just PLEASE prove me wrong and lets do something to change.

Check: Global Warming II (Greenhouse Denial)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get to know "them"

Isn't it a wonder how people stopped trying to communicate? people stopped trying to understand, people even stopped treating others as humans.

It is funny how it's getting worse by time. The more technolgy increases, the less humans interact. And i mean to type "humans" because it is what we are, everybody is from the same species; computers are the different "species" overhere. Yes, i consider them as a new being introduced to our lives, because some people prefer to "interact" with a machine, rather than a real person.
Some people trust machines more than humans, well !! they are right in someway; machines don't lie, they don't deceive, but they also can't feel. And even if machines think and feel, they are simply different.
Anyway, all of what's been mentioned latterly isn't what i'm here to talk about. The question I'm here to ask is: TILL WHEN WILL WE KEEP JUDGING OTHER FOR THINGS THEY DO NOT DO?!?!
Till When Will We Keep Living In Our Own World ?!?!
It's funny how one could judge another before he judges himself, giving comments about this and that before even trying to understand or think rationally.
Have you ever thought that your lifestyle isn't the right one? That there are others in this world who could have a better way to live..
I don't really know, but i've met people in my life who made me reconsider the way I'm living. Don't live in a dream or just accept what you are being told about things you can't explain.
Look into other lives, other cultures. Get to know how others think and live, may be they have something you've never thought about before, just don't exceed the religious limits ;)

Be satisfied with what you have, don't judge others unless you have the right to, start reconsidering your behaviour and DON'T be easily affected by others unless your thoughts and beleifs matches what you see. ;)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007

War children

"Battlefields were once the domain of warriors whose almost universal code of conduct was to protect civilians, especially women and children".

A quote i've read once online, which leads to a question! has the old normal rules been changed? or it's just us who live in an abnormal world where everything is reversed nowadays?

Yugoslavia, Peru, Mozambique, Bosnia, Palastine, Nigeria and loads of of other countries suffered from children death in wars ... what about children soldiers? well !! Africa is full of them .. Uganda, Sierra Leone, Kashmir are just examples of children deployment in wars. Teen-agers holding machine guns !! little children leaving schools for wars? and the thing is that most of these wars are civil wars or for drug dealing not for protecting homes or defending honor !!

A FACT: Some 10 million of the world's children suffer psychological trauma as a result of war experiences... WOOH!! thats pretty much.

Children playing in a field or collecting firewood come upon small but insidious scraps of a recent or long-past war. With a click, then a blast, their lives are lost? they're lucky, just one or two limbs. Some 110 million land mines threaten children in more than 70 countries with this very same scenario.

So !! what can we do? in the time being, there is nothing i think we can do except praying for them and their families, praying for the people, who think it's normal to have a child killed or "promoted" to a soldier, that they get the guidness for the right path ... we just live in our secured surroundings and these children die out there,, just feel them and start praying. Hope we cud do smthn effective soon...

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