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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get to know "them"

Isn't it a wonder how people stopped trying to communicate? people stopped trying to understand, people even stopped treating others as humans.

It is funny how it's getting worse by time. The more technolgy increases, the less humans interact. And i mean to type "humans" because it is what we are, everybody is from the same species; computers are the different "species" overhere. Yes, i consider them as a new being introduced to our lives, because some people prefer to "interact" with a machine, rather than a real person.
Some people trust machines more than humans, well !! they are right in someway; machines don't lie, they don't deceive, but they also can't feel. And even if machines think and feel, they are simply different.
Anyway, all of what's been mentioned latterly isn't what i'm here to talk about. The question I'm here to ask is: TILL WHEN WILL WE KEEP JUDGING OTHER FOR THINGS THEY DO NOT DO?!?!
Till When Will We Keep Living In Our Own World ?!?!
It's funny how one could judge another before he judges himself, giving comments about this and that before even trying to understand or think rationally.
Have you ever thought that your lifestyle isn't the right one? That there are others in this world who could have a better way to live..
I don't really know, but i've met people in my life who made me reconsider the way I'm living. Don't live in a dream or just accept what you are being told about things you can't explain.
Look into other lives, other cultures. Get to know how others think and live, may be they have something you've never thought about before, just don't exceed the religious limits ;)

Be satisfied with what you have, don't judge others unless you have the right to, start reconsidering your behaviour and DON'T be easily affected by others unless your thoughts and beleifs matches what you see. ;)


HOssam Sadik said...

well done teemo , i liked this so much, i think this rush judging is result of fall education, we do teach our kids math, science and maybe some religion issues, but we didn't teach them what is the aim of these, we just tell them stories and write down the gained lessons without deep explanation, our Islam is great it can recover all conflict in interaction but we need to focus on the concept not the content while teaching it to our kids.

sry for long comment but i do get attracted to the subject.

Teemo said...

thx man for ur comment.. n sorry for the delay,, enta 3aref ya3ny how busy we r.. no time for the blog :(

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