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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They Almost Conquered the World

A country which once was the world's greatest empire. A country which had no mercy while expanding its empire. A country with a freezing cold winter and a very tough wild nature. Located at central Asia (sometimes considered as east Asian as well) with a very rough geographical nature, there lies Mongolia.

History didn't record much about that country until 200 years Before Christ; it is said that the first known inhabitants of Mongolia were the Donghu, who were defeated by the Xiongnu, who dominated a great part of the land causing a great threat to China. The great wall of China was originally built, deffencively, to stop the Xinogu attacks within 3 centuries, and they actually succeeded to defeat the Xingu in the 5th century. Xingus then migrated to different parts on mobgolia with shame, giving Göktürks the chance of domination for some centuries. (b happy i didn't mention all the other names, xinogo is the least weird name i've seen in mongolia's history).

In the late 12th century, Timujin (known as Genghis Khan) united the Mongols with the different tribes in Mongolia and simply decided to conquer the known world at their time; this unity shows Khan's prospective vision and also his domination power on his people.

The Mongols conquered Asia, nearly completely, in Genghis Khan's time and those conquers were not to be stopped after his death if it wasn't for the islamic nation's power at Egypt and Turkey. The Empire was then divided into 4 different empires which were dominant for about a century of time until they were defeated by the Mings.

In the seventeenth century, Mongolia was ruled under the Chinese empire and didn't gain its independance until the early days of the 20th century, which they still celebrate till our recent days. They still have their original traditional sport like horseback riding, archery and mongolian wretling, which describes their wild nature and shows pride of their culture.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Footprint-history Country

Nicaragua, a country with a history starting with just a footprint. Footprints that are 10,000 years old belonging to the people of the Acahualinca, Nicaragua's native inhabitants, were preserved under volcanic ash for years .

A Caribbean country with some stunning landscapes, colorful nature and an incredible treasureful culture. With a vague mysterious history, in central America with Costa Rica and Honduras as neighbours, combining between native and modern cultures, shows nature's true beauty combined with human decorations.
Back to the footprints, what happened? were there people living there? or was it just someone passing by? Just Kidding... May be they died in some volcanic erection, who knows!

The known dated Nicaraguan history started in the 10th century when the natives in Mexico migrated to that beautiful area on earth, but the "real" history started with Christopher Columbus' discovery to it in 1502। Then, it all started and i don't need to tell how the Europeans started building colonies and how the Spanish became the main language. I don't need to tell how the native Acahualincas were treated or what happened to their villages.

There are a lot of stuff to be told about the nature of that amazing country. The rainforest with its wild life, the different kinds of birds and animals, the mountains and still-steaming volcanoes, the islands.. Nicaragua is also known for having the only fresh-water sharks।

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua which is relatively crowded and regularly hit by earthquakes. However, there is a lot to do around the cities, besides site seeing. The christian and Spanish cultures have a great impact on a lot of places in the cities represented in Churches, Cathedrals and Spanish-style buildings.

To know more about Nicaragua, visit their official website at :

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