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Friday, January 19, 2007

Global Warming

Some days ago, I turned on the TV and there was Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar on a video conference with Al-Jazeera channel. The only thing that was brought to my attention is how afflicted he was and later i realized why he had been this sad, worried and somewhat desperate. It is enough to listen to his last sentence to understand.
The sentence is nearly translated to: "people should start considering walking, riding bicycles or even animals"
This amazing, blessed, modern muslim geologist is talking about riding animals and he hasn't lost his mind yet, if that's what you are thinking of. He is simply concerned about the pollution and the increase in global warming these days. When he was asked about the global warming and the greenhouse effect and if there are any indications of an incoming disaster, he stated that we should expect a disaster in a 10-years period of time and even the end of the world within this century.
THE END OF THE WORLD!! .. Yes, it is this serious. I won't write about the effect of global warming or how it is happening; I wont even talk about the Ozone, because we all know about it, and we notice those changes one year after another. There is one more thing I need to mention; Dr. Zaghloul didn't do a research and come up with those words; scientists allover the world have been concerned about this problem for some time and they realized the danger of pollution some years ago.

  1. A leading New Zealand scientist warned in january 2004 that global warming would make large areas of the world uninhabitable by the end of the century unless the international community co-operated to solve the problem.
  2. January 2005, 200 of the world's leading climate scientists - meeting at Tony Blair's request at the Met Office's new headquarters at Exeter - issued the most urgent warning to date that dangerous climate change is taking place, and that time is running out.
  3. Antarctic scientists have found the first direct evidence linking the collapse of an ice shelf the size of Luxemburg in Antarctica to global warming.

So, what are we going to do about that? I don't really know, but I am positive that people won't take an action to change this; I know it because of my experience in trying to change something. I was trying to reduce my usage of car by riding the bike to near places or even running and found out it is impossible in a city like cairo to do so. Why impossible? it's not the topic of this blog ;) .. Just PLEASE prove me wrong and lets do something to change.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get to know "them"

Isn't it a wonder how people stopped trying to communicate? people stopped trying to understand, people even stopped treating others as humans.

It is funny how it's getting worse by time. The more technolgy increases, the less humans interact. And i mean to type "humans" because it is what we are, everybody is from the same species; computers are the different "species" overhere. Yes, i consider them as a new being introduced to our lives, because some people prefer to "interact" with a machine, rather than a real person.
Some people trust machines more than humans, well !! they are right in someway; machines don't lie, they don't deceive, but they also can't feel. And even if machines think and feel, they are simply different.
Anyway, all of what's been mentioned latterly isn't what i'm here to talk about. The question I'm here to ask is: TILL WHEN WILL WE KEEP JUDGING OTHER FOR THINGS THEY DO NOT DO?!?!
Till When Will We Keep Living In Our Own World ?!?!
It's funny how one could judge another before he judges himself, giving comments about this and that before even trying to understand or think rationally.
Have you ever thought that your lifestyle isn't the right one? That there are others in this world who could have a better way to live..
I don't really know, but i've met people in my life who made me reconsider the way I'm living. Don't live in a dream or just accept what you are being told about things you can't explain.
Look into other lives, other cultures. Get to know how others think and live, may be they have something you've never thought about before, just don't exceed the religious limits ;)

Be satisfied with what you have, don't judge others unless you have the right to, start reconsidering your behaviour and DON'T be easily affected by others unless your thoughts and beleifs matches what you see. ;)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007

War children

"Battlefields were once the domain of warriors whose almost universal code of conduct was to protect civilians, especially women and children".

A quote i've read once online, which leads to a question! has the old normal rules been changed? or it's just us who live in an abnormal world where everything is reversed nowadays?

Yugoslavia, Peru, Mozambique, Bosnia, Palastine, Nigeria and loads of of other countries suffered from children death in wars ... what about children soldiers? well !! Africa is full of them .. Uganda, Sierra Leone, Kashmir are just examples of children deployment in wars. Teen-agers holding machine guns !! little children leaving schools for wars? and the thing is that most of these wars are civil wars or for drug dealing not for protecting homes or defending honor !!

A FACT: Some 10 million of the world's children suffer psychological trauma as a result of war experiences... WOOH!! thats pretty much.

Children playing in a field or collecting firewood come upon small but insidious scraps of a recent or long-past war. With a click, then a blast, their lives are lost? they're lucky, just one or two limbs. Some 110 million land mines threaten children in more than 70 countries with this very same scenario.

So !! what can we do? in the time being, there is nothing i think we can do except praying for them and their families, praying for the people, who think it's normal to have a child killed or "promoted" to a soldier, that they get the guidness for the right path ... we just live in our secured surroundings and these children die out there,, just feel them and start praying. Hope we cud do smthn effective soon...

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